It starts with one thing.

I don’t know why.

Kidding. But, it made you sing, right? And that line was so iconic that you could remember what followed, even if the other lyrics sounded gibberish to you.

For most people, they want to be remembered for one thing – be it good or bad. That’s why we have tyrants, saints, heroes, academics, artists, and people in limbo.

Ah. People in limbo. Just like me. And thousands of people out there.

There is nothing special in this blog – for this is my space where I could say anything. At the same time, I must be open to criticisms, as well as to praises that feed the ego. It has to be fed, sooner or later, I tell you.




Sorry, We’re Closed.

For the past year or so, I have been thinking about direction; after all, I was an employee for more than a decade of my 30-something life. It wasn’t an easy journey to find one’s self, and frankly, I’m getting impatient with myself. I tried tutoring kids because I could handle them, and even considered getting additional units to become a school teacher.
But as I’ve dipped my toes into informal teaching, I knew it wasn’t something my heart belonged to, unlike other teachers I see and hear about. I want every kid to learn, and make them realize that social status doesn’t hinder them to be successful.

Alas, my want is not enough to make me take a great leap of faith. And that in my heart, I am still looking for something else to do with my life, that one thing that will make me happy, rain or shine. To be honest, 10 years of living and breathing corporate life made me happy – but sometimes, it gets difficult to wake up and smell the coffee. I miss that life, yes, but, cheesy as it may sound, I also missed myself more.

While I’m trying to be a creative these days, I’m happiest and saddest when I write. Ironic, isn’t it? But I guess that’s how creativity is, and don’t ask me more, mmmkay?

So as I end this long-winded post, I’m just saying goodbye to one thing that I loved: tutoring. This is Teacher Aina, signing off.